Hello. My name is Sabrina Gosselin and I am a

Wildlife Biologist Illustrator & Digital Imagist.


So, let’s get personal. While born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I was but a wee baby when my family moved inland to my current city, Montreal, Quebec. Having a fondness for nature since my childhood, I was fortunate enough to achieve a B.Sc. in Wildlife Biology, graduating in 2010 from McGill University. Having an equal passion for the arts, and after exploring the career my degree offered me, I jumped upon the opportunity to study graphic design at Concordia University’s Continuing Education program. I now have diplomas in both Graphic Applications in Desktop Publishing and Digital Photographic Imaging.

Je suis bilingue (I’m bilingual). Ambidextrous. 58% cat person, 42% dog person, 100% animal lover. Fearless in the face of heights, terrified in the face of earwigs. A writer. What some might call a geek. Talented at smiling. Young at heart, and always learning.

Current Status: Freelance artist and recently married to the love of my life. Also adoptive mum to a guinea pig.

Now, let’s talk work. What can I do for you? Let’s break it down: I have the skills to illustrate, the knowledge to design, and a background in traditional media (chiefly; painting). My services include but are not limited to traditional and digital illustrationconcept design, and photo retouching. Questions? Feel free to contact me.

But why work with me? Surely, there are plenty of talented  artists out there, so what do I have to bring to the table aside from a winning smile and cheerful disposition, hm? While many of us have focused their studies purely on the artistic side of the educational spectrum, I have insight into the other extreme: specifically, I’m a professional level environmentalist. In addition to having a mind that is as scientific as it is creative, knowing the ins and outs of our planet is something of value in these modern times. That being said, would we make a good match? Check out my portfolio for some insight into my artistic/design style!

You can also download my CV here, if you like.

Looking for more? You can find me around the web, too.

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