Bullet Points

A lot can happen in half a year… reminding me I should post news bits a little more frequently. If I were to go into depth about the past few months’ events we would be here all day, so to save you (and I!) the trouble I’ll be brief. Here are this year’s main events, thus far:

  • Commissions: I’ve done a few so far, and it is clear that wildlife & pet portraits are the way to go.
  • Online shopping: I’ve opened two online shops (Redbubble, and Society6). They’re great for merch, but considering the huge $cut they take I’m planning on creating a main shop on etsy.
  • Montreal Comic Con 2015: it was my first time as an artist, and it was a success! My business cards were the real stars of the show, but in a close second were my celebrity internet pet portraits. Something to think about for the future… People were also very fond of my style, and I received several contacts interested in commissioning illustrations. Again, 90% pet portraits, reinforcing what I already assumed.
  • Orr Kids: a new section of Sabby G Imagery, revealed at Comic Con. For more information click here.
  • I will be married on May 21st, 2016! ♥

Written by Sabrina Gosselin

Illustrator & Digital Artist based out of Montreal, Quebec. Find out more about me and my services »

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