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While not actually kids, Orr Kids are so named due to their minute size and charming appearance. Several species are known to exist, though just how many is as of yet unknown. Those that have been discovered live in temperate, forested areas. Most are shy to the unfamiliar, but there are some bold enough to seek out suburban adventure. You’ll never find them too far away from greenery! If you are lucky enough to come across one, it is known that they can make for excellent little companions.

Originally based off of Orchid plants, Orr Kids are a mishmash of plant, insect, and animal. It all started with the Bee Orchid, a cheerful looking plant from which the ‘Apis’ species came about. These have the most ‘human’ features, as the flower from which they were derived has a characteristic ‘joyful smile’. The ‘Bombus’ species came next, based off of the Bumblebee Orchid. Much more animalistic, it’s probably most comparable to a cat or dog (both in looks and personality!). Phalaena was the third species to come about and is heavily based off the typical blue house orchid, but also very moth-like. Finally the Radiari species, based off the white egret orchid, is more grasshopper meets rabbit. These make up our current species quartet, but we do expect to discover more in the future!

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