Revamped, Refocused, Well Rested.

After much trying, testing, and sweat, I think I can officially say Sabby G Imagery is no longer in renovation mode. I’ve wanted to redo my portfolio site for a while now, as I’ve long decided to refocus my specialty towards illustration as opposed to graphic design. In addition I wanted to update the look of the site as a whole, as the original WordPress theme I was using wasn’t quite what I needed… I wanted something minimalistic and elegant that didn’t require any CSS tweaking, and the aptly named “Elegant” is what I ultimately chose. So far, so good :)

Revamped: As I mentioned, I’ve changed themes entirely! The feel is still the same, but there are subtle changes that make this new template more… comfortable, if you will. It’s also much more fun to work with as a portfolio site. I’ve added a few things, as well. Floating social icons (I like their practicality, but let me know if these are a bother, please!), a new events plugin so you guys can know of exciting and related happenings (including exhibits and shows!), and the blog is now re-purposed for news and updates (the biggest change, for me) meaning the site will be more interactive as a result. I have some plans in the works, but haven’t yet put them into effect as I’m not 100% ready to reveal them yet.

Refocused: Illustration is my passion and my forte, and I have chosen to adjust the site accordingly. My portfolio currently showcases works relevant to the discipline, as I have effectively removed all those related solely to graphic design. The “About” page is similarly adjusted. You’ll also note that a good part of my work features wildlife and animals ;)

Well Rested: After all those changes, it feels good to lay back and crack open some celebratory eggnog. Success!

Written by Sabrina Gosselin

Illustrator & Digital Artist based out of Montreal, Quebec. Find out more about me and my services »

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