Advanced Anatomy: Ink Wash


a.k.a. I don’t know what the nuggets I’m doing! Today’s class was pretty exciting; I had my first experience with ink washing! Above is my first attempt; all I can do is shake my head and shrug… gotta start somewhere!

I think these next couple of tries show some improvement. As I have a background in oil painting (where you start with the dark areas), starting with a light-toned base and building on that was pretty counter-intuitive. Not to mention working with what is basically dyed water… I really enjoyed myself though, and hope to keep working at it. I have the tools, so to work I will put them!


Alien? No, I just had the model’s head a bit too far out… oops!


Thank you kindly for checking out my blog, I appreciate any comments or criticisms (and tips!)! Have yourselves a merry little day! :)


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