Advanced Anatomy: Inkwashing Finale


Yesterday marked the last day of my Advanced Anatomy class at Syn Studio Art School. We started off with quick warm up poses, but soon moved on to another ink wash session! I think I’ve improved, if only a tad, at this technique, and I hope to do more… because it’s really, really fun. The above was our longest pose, at about 30 mins (including a preliminary pencil sketch). Clearly I need to work on my hand technique. Check below for more!


Our first exercise was to start with the background and leave the model blank, filling in the shadows as a last step.


I love working with pen, so my instructor suggested I try using that for my preliminary sketch. I definitely like the result!


Lastly, a very quick 10min sketch-wash, where we just had time to block out the main forms. Annnnd that’s all she wrote!

Officially an ‘Advanced Anatomy’ graduate now, but I’ll still be studying with Oleg in other workshops. He’s a great teacher AND artist (of course!), so if you’re in the Montreal area, check him out!


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