Mini Moleskin: Gesture Fest

Moleskin - gesture drawing 1

So there are times throughout the day that I find myself with nothing to do… It is at that point that I pull out my pocket-sized moleskin sketchbook and whatever pen I can find (I generally have a Pigma Micron on me at all times, but recently discovered Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist pens… so smooth!), doodling whatever comes to mind. At the moment I’m focusing on my gesture drawing; for which the little pad ‘n pen is fantastic!

Moleskin - gesture drawing 2

All poses are quick, clocking in at around 1-2 minutes, possibly less (I should keep track of these things!).

Moleskin - gesture drawing 3

Slightly bigger, more analytical sketches. Most poses are based on photos from random image searches.

Moleskin - gesture drawing 4

Again, a little more analytical and slightly more fine-tuned. Ignore those faces, haha…

If you don’t already, I highly recommend carrying a little pocket book on your person! I still haven’t grown the nerve to take it out on buses or in full out public, but that’s a goal I’m working on as ‘mitten-season’ is coming to an end :)

Thanks for looking, have yourselves a fabulous day!


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