Sunday Sketches: Full Figure Poses


A few weeks ago I attended my first Friday Figure Drawing Workshop at Syn Studio (a bi-weekly event that I’ve always missed out on due to school…). It was a great experience, and I definitely plan on attending them on a more regular basis now that I’ve completed my Digital Imaging diploma. Shown are a few 10-15 minute poses from that night.


Clearly I didn’t focus too much on hands (that would’ve taken me a whole 15 minutes more, surely!)


This was an interesting pose. To be honest, my choice of seat lead to a lot of unique angles! Not too fond of the foot area here, but as a ‘medium’ length sketch, there’s only so much you can do.


A couple of pen sketches I did as 3-5 minute warm ups.

Comments? Criticisms? I’m all ears, and would appreciate it immensely!

Thanks for looking, have yourselves a merry little spring day!


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