Creature Design: Introducing the Orr Kids


Let me start by saying that, although one of the most tedious of courses during my studies happened to be Flowering Plant Diversity, I have a fascination with plants. They are nature’s little artists; several species’ propagation literally depends on the finesse of their ‘art’! But without going off on a tangent, allow me to introduce to you the little flora influenced side project I’ve started… Orr Kids!

While not actually kids, they are so named due to their minute size and charming appearance. Several species are known to exist, though just how many is as of yet unknown. Read: I’ve only come up with two thus far. The Apis variant, above, is based off my favourite orchid: Ophrys apifera (or, Bee Orchid). Lacking legs, it gets around mainly by a combination of restricted flight and swinging. Its ‘tail’ acts much in the way of long-tailed monkeys, and is also equipped with a venomous sting. What appears to be a cap on its head is actually specialized antennae for olfaction and touch, with an added protective benefit. Like most Orr Kids, its sense of hearing is particularly acute.


The appearance of the Bombus Orr Kid was based on Ophrys bombyliflora (commonly, Bumble Bee Orchid). Similarly to the Apis species, it can hear quite well. While the Apis’ main defensive mechanism is its sting, the Bombus possesses nettle-like urticating hairs hidden within a sparse fur coat. It also has a beetle-like carapace covering most of its body. Its most unique feature is its face, which is quite literally all ‘mouth’. It can open its powerful jaws as wide as it is long, food ingested directly into its stomach. Its taste and smell receptors are found on the tips of its lower jaw and downward-facing antennae (which appear to stem from its eye sockets). Its bulbous eyes, typically yellow or red, are specialized for low-light vision.

Considering expanding on this idea, possibly even to the extent of making a fantastical Field Guide to these and other creatures that pop into my head… Could be fun! Anyhoo, hope you enjoyed this post! The Wildlife Biologist in me certainly came out in those descriptions, haha… Also, for those curious, here are shots of the flowers that influenced my designs!

Bee Orchid by
Bee Orchid by
Bumble Bee Orchid by
Bumble Bee Orchid by

Thank you for visiting, have a fabulous day! Please, if you have any thoughts or criticisms, let me hear ’em! :)


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