Photography: Something a Little Different


I’ve dabbled in most forms of art; photography being no exception. So, to change things up, I’ve decided to showcase a few of my black and white photographs this time ’round. Now, I use the term B&W loosely, as it more so describes the method of how I came to these final products, as opposed to ‘black and white photograph’ in the literal sense of the word.


Above are simply products of my apartment adventures. It’s amazing how easy it is to find impressive subjects in the comfort of your own home… especially the kitchen (where all these were taken, actually)!


A fair distance from home, now… And my favourite subject to shoot… animals! The tiger and gorilla are both from Quebec’s Granby Zoo, and the shot of the crane was taken during a thrilling trip to Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Quebec. I particularly like how the gorilla portrait turned out, as there is just so much to that expression.

Did you enjoy this post? Want more photography? More variety? Let me know, and thanks for visiting! :)


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