Character Design: Final Project

Well hello there! Been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been meaning to post this particular project for a good while now, but caught the summer bug (you know, that one where you just have to spend your entire free time outdoors?). Excuses aside, here’s today’s feature: The Atlantis Project. Essentially, we had to come up with three character designs for a video game set in the world of the technologically advanced Atlantis, a doomed floating city set in the age of antiquity. We were to design a Hero, Love Interest, and Villain, along with a brief paragraph for each to present our concepts. These are my designs:




Having missed three out of ten classes, I feel as though my technique could have been much improved… but such is life. The ‘hero’ is the only design in which I included full colour, only because of time constraints; I may or may not come back to these at a future date, as they currently are in an unfinished, unpolished state… and I know I can do better. Regardless, hope you enjoy! Have a great summer day! :)


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