Analytical Sketching: Sum Up

This Thursday will mark the finale of my latest course at Syn Studio, Analytical Sketching. Essentially, it revolved around building up objects and figures from lines and geometric shapes. It really helped me to build upon my basic skills, and I noticed a significant improvement in the ‘3D’ appearance of my comparatively flat sketches. We only ever used pen and markers, which forced us to commit fully to whatever marks we put down. Since then, I think I may have touched a pencil once or twice. Of course, I was already a pen fan to begin with! Here are a few highlights from throughout the 10 weeks.

After an entire class of line and perspective exercises, we started off with simple objects, such as the plants and truck above.
Trees came next, incorporating the ‘rubber band’ ideology iconic to analytical drawing. Also, white gel pen makes everything awesome :)
Animals were next on the list, and horses in particular. Above are a few gestural poses.
Pushing the idea of rubber bands on a bird skull, with a bunch of leaves to celebrate the coming of autumn (oh, c’mon, you know it’s here already!).
Based off a whimsical picture I found. I kind of got carried away with the fur, oops!

And that’s that. Look for my Fan Expo & Montreal Comic Con wrap-up soon! Had a blast at both :)


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