Playing with Promarkers: A Whole New Ballgame

Caracal Portrait: My latest attempt at rendering fur using Promarkers
Caracal Portrait: my latest attempt at rendering fur using Promarkers

A belated happy fall (or autumn, if that’s how you roll), everyone! Finally, the season of colours, warm outfits, and harvest is upon us! Speaking of colours, I’ve been really getting into Letraset’s Promarkers; a less expensive version of Copics. These alcohol-based markers are fantastic, and, like their ‘cousins’, come in hundreds of colours… and I’ll be honest, deciding which colours to buy was, itself, quite an undertaking. Knowing my interest revolves around our natural world, I chose my hues accordingly, keeping in mind I would mostly be colouring fur, trees, and flowers. Still, by the end of two trips to the local art store, I wound up with a hefty collection… to start. Still missing my greys, though (using my PITT artist pens for now)!

I had noticed a variety of methods on how to go about colouring with alcohol-based markers, and after a bit of experimentation, decided that, at least for me, it differs from subject to subject. For example, with fur I found myself preferring to start with a light base and finishing with the darker tones. With skin, though, I liked mapping out the shadows first. I’ve only had a couple of weeks now to play around with them, however, so there’s still plenty of R & D to do! To note: adding highlights with a white gel pen is an essential final touch.

They really are a nice compliment to my already strong tendency towards pen work, and I can see them fast becoming part of my main arsenal of art tools. The downside? They aren’t cheap, but considering they’re good quality and last quite a while, I’m okay with the price.

Thank you for reading, have a nice, crisp day! ;)


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