Pet Portrait: Candy


Did this as a commission for a gift in December, and now officially able to post it! This is the late Candy in her older years, hence the cataracts. This is actually my very first pet portrait commission, and what got me into the idea of making it into a specialization of mine. Still working on finding clients, though… a search kind of put on hold as I’m focusing on Montreal Comic Con stuff at the moment. Read on for some WIP shots and a closeup!


The preliminary sketch, based off a few photos I had of her.


In the middle of it all! You can see literally everything from sketch to lineart to the mutiple rendering steps! This was the second large scale animal portrait I had done with promarkers, so I was very cautious in making my creative decisions… I think it turned out OK in the end, though ;)


Finally, a closeup of the end product.

Hope you enjoyed, expect more soon enough and have a great day! :)


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