Pet Portraits: Meme Monday!


I’ve been inactive for health reasons for the past while, but I’m back! Over this past weekend I decided to come up with a trio of portraits based off a few of the internet’s favourite celebrity pets. From the left, we have ‘Grumpy Cat’ Tardar Sauce, Lil Bub, and ‘Doge’ Kabosu. Mainly done with Promarkers, but added some final touches with Derwent Coloursoft Pencils and White Gel Pen. Below is a gallery of the WIPs, for those curious. Continue reading

Fan Expo & Montreal Comic Con: 2014 Edition

Fan Expo: 'Border'ing on uncanny!
As the summer draws to a close, so too does my busy season. The past few months were inundated with adventures in camping, paying visits to the beach, weddings, and most notably my two choice conventions of the year, Toronto’s Fan Expo and our local Comic Con in Montreal. And so my first anecdotal blog post commences. Continue reading